We go there...

The Void Group looks for underserved people and markets, filling voids left by companies who don’t really know their customers, or don’t know how to reach them…

At The Void Group, we believe in sustainable, artist-friendly capitalism, and ensure all of our brands have a mission that serves our customers. 

Our technology enables swift, secure commerce for art forward brands

All brands associated with TVG, LLC are accelerated at the edge and protected by Cloudflare’s DDoS and WAF Firewall rules. Our architecture is hosted on a fast, highly available Google Cloud Platform backbone. All transactions with TVG, LLC are PCI Compliant. 

Our Brands

The People Towels

People towels is all about bring Towels To The People! We believe all shapes, sizes, gender or lack thereof, deserve access to the coolest towels and the most comfortable towels in existence! Since we believe in giving back, $1 for every order goes to helping humans from all paths get a leg up.

Electric Clothing

Weekend warriors worry not… We bring you an eclectic and glamorously  curated line of bohemian festival clothing, along with dark figured techno styles for you to rave on and rage out. feel and look like floor and front seats at your favorite concert forever. that feeling, well… It’s electric.

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